look and love

something i came across which caught my eye. a website filled with trends, beautiful photographs, links to other blogs and much, much more. with its wide variety of interesting things to look at, it is definitely worth the while for someone interested in the fashion and photography world. the photography is incredible and the trend section gives an in depth look into what's in fashion as well as forecasting trends for each season.

here's the link:

here are just a few photos that i really enjoyed. many more incredible ones on the site.

Rony Soltzman
love the continuity of colour in the pictorial

 Bret Sano
incredible use of lighting

 Vogue Paris, April 2011
Isabel fontana
amazing attention to detail


indiana shoot

 a few months ago i helped a friend with a shoot she had to do for college. it took place on the idyllic streets of kalkbay which set the backdrop perfectly to the shoot. the styling was a collaboration of both of our wardrobes’ and STEPH HAYES was the incredible photographer. the theme was 'be my indie girl' which complimented kalkbay in the way of vintage shops, cobbled streets and the amazing architecture. it all painted the perfect picture.  
front cover

outside London Road - Vintage Store

 streets of Kalkbay

Octopus's Garden


birthday celebrations

it is the year of 21st birthdays. most recently we celebrated we celebrated my good friend CEARA MCEVOY'S brithday. it was held at a restaurant in town called FRIEDA'S. the theme was BALKON GYPSY'S which seemed highly appropriate considering her unique and eclectic syle and that of the venue.
here are some pictures by ALEX SWANAPOEL to inspire you:

blogs i heart

its always inspiring to look at other blogs to get your creative juices flowing. i find it almost therapeutic trawling the internet for ideas and inspiration from others. two local blogs that i am in love with belong to two friends of mine. Cheralee Lyle entitles her blog "Lyle Style". it combines, trends, style and fashion. she is undoubtedly uber stylish and i enjoy being mesmerized by her latest finds and seemingly effortless looking shoots.

have a look: http://cheraleelylestyle.blogspot.com/

another friend of mine and avid photographer, Paul Ward, introduces photography in a whole new way with his photoblog DIARY OF WARD, a "collection of raw documentary style photography capturing Cape Town city’s nightlife". he was recently on mnet's "SHARP SHOOTER" where he was continuously praised throughout the competition.
photography as never been this creative. i sincerely suggest you take the time to check this one out.

check his blog out: http://diaryofward.com/